ABOUT US CEO Greetings

Posture for Happy Spine.

“Good posture makes a healthy spine. And life becomes happy when the spine, which is the center of the human body, is healthy.”

The mother of PHS, a body correction company, is “PHS chiropractic clinics,” which has led to the study of new body correction principles and techniques for a number of spinal cord patients and people who have suffered disproportionately for years.

Years of know-how have led to the establishment of a PHS company to enable reasonable treatment for many people suffering from spinal diseases.

If you leave your stiff muscles and bent spine alone for a long time, it can develop into a chronic disease.
It’s very difficult for ordinary people who don’t have a high degree of anatomic knowledge and experience in physical correction to recover from back pain and body imbalance on their own.

To address this, PHS will develop and distribute functional products that allow busy modern people to easily and affordably recover and age at a cost-effective pace in their lives, allowing them to reconstruct time and energy.

People around the world who are suffering from spinal disease hope to improve their quality of life with products containing PHS know-how and promise to become a professional health care company through innovative development and IT convergence based on human engineering.

Thank you.

Yoonmi Park