CEO’s Greeting

The parent of PHS, a company specializing in physical correction, is a spinal correction center that studies and guides the principles and techniques of physical correction from a new perspective for many years of spinal disease and those suffering from imbalance.

Through the operation of the Correction Center, which provided healthy life for many people suffering from spinal disease under the motto of “Posture for Happy Spine!”, we wondered, “Is there a way for more people to feel the maximum effect at a more reasonable cost and a shorter time?” As a result, we learned the know-how of the actual operation of the Center over the past years.

Leaving the rigid, deformed spine and muscles unattended daily develops into chronic musculoskeletal disorders. It is very difficult for ordinary people who do not have high levels of anatomy and body correction expertise to recover from recurrent back pain and body imbalance on their own. To address this, PHS has developed and distributed functional products that enable busy modern people to rebuild their time and energy by preventing the recovery and aging of body imbalances at an easy and reasonable cost in their lives.

We hope that people around the world suffering from spinal cord disease will improve their quality of life with PHS know-how, and that many people who suffer from bad posture will be able to see the beauty of a healthy body through PHS products.

In the future, PHS promises to become a comprehensive healthcare company through the convergence of innovative products and IT based on ergonomics.

Ryan Lee
CEO of PHS Co., Ltd.